Volunteer Services

Supporting & Assisting Patients, Families and Visitors in Our Hospital
Our volunteers are the heart of patient satisfaction, serving as friendly faces that lend a helping hand. From answering questions to providing directions, they play an integral role in creating a positive hospital experience.
Volunteers contribute significantly to patient care and administration. You can find them in various hospital areas, including Chemotherapy, Diagnostic Imaging, Emergency Department, Foundation Office/Events, Information Desk, Out-Patient Surgery, and Pastoral Visitor services.

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Volunteer Services is committed to the development, implementation, and continuation of quality volunteer programs that support and assist patients, families, and visitors of the hospital. This service also works to ensure that the necessary resources and systems are in place to respond to the needs, motivation, and satisfaction of its volunteers.
Embrace the simplicity of being hired into our dedicated volunteer team, where your skills, passion, and commitment will find a meaningful purpose. As an adult volunteer, you bring a wealth of experience and a unique perspective that enhances our collective efforts.

Our volunteers play a crucial role in patient satisfaction. They are the friendly faces that assist patients and essential visitors by answering questions, providing directions and offering a helping hand.

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